Monday, October 27, 2014

Victory Sandwich Bar - Decatur, GA


The last night of our trip we stayed at the Hampton Inn near Stone Mountain (so we had another filling waffle bar breakfast…) We spent our day hiking the mountain, then grabbed lunch on our way out of town. 


We read on Bon Appetit’s 10 Sandwiches You Must Eat Now that Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur “has to be the greatest meal deal in America.”   Thrillist also said it is the best place in the Atlanta area for cheap eats.  And it made the list of top 12 most unique restaurants in Atlanta.

The sandwiches range from $4 - $5, and they have a variety of cocktails and spiked sodas.  I ordered the Hambo – with prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apple, and reduced balsamic.  Lance had the Han Cholo – with chorizo sausage, feta, tomatillo salsa, and pickled red onions.   


We enjoyed them with Jack & Coke slushies served in mason jars. 

Both sandwiches were wonderful – a bit small, but definitely well worth $4.  For anyone with a bigger appetite, two of their sandwiches would only be $8.  We almost went for that, but we instead split a giant chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with sea salt.  It was perfectly cooked with huge chunks of chocolate and just the right amount of saltiness. 

We ate on their patio which was filled with greenery.  There is plenty of seating inside as well – plus they have a ping pong table which I’m sure is busy a night.  If this place was near Tampa, I’d be a regular.  It looks like they're in the process of expanding - an Atlanta location is coming soon.  So maybe one day they'll make it further south!     

It was a great meal to end our Atlanta back to Florida!

Victory Sandwich Bar is located at 340 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030 and is open 11am – 2am every day. 

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