Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pizza Fusion – Tampa, FL


We bought a Creative Loafing deal for Pizza Fusion awhile back, so last night we headed there for dinner to try it out.   

It is located downtown in the condo Skypoint right across the street from Curtis Hixon Park.  We didn’t realize that an Oktoberfest event was going on in the park that night – so searching for a parking spot downtown was pretty difficult.  We finally found one a few blocks away, and by the time we got there we were both very hungry. 

It was quiet for a Saturday night, so we had no problem getting a table.  They have a few beers on draft, but a wide selection of bottles.  Lance ordered the Peak Organic Continually Hopped IPA and I had the Key West Southernmost Wheat Ale while looking over the food options.  Mine wasn’t as citrus-y as I was expecting (the menu compared it to a Blue Moon), but the IPA surprisingly was a bit fruity. 

For a pizza restaurant, their menu has a surprising amount of gluten-free, vegan, and organic options.  Their motto is “Saving the Earth, one pizza at a time.”  They use hybrid cars for their deliveries, have LEED certified green restaurants, and even offer discounts to customers who bring back their pizza boxes for recycling.  

There were not only pizzas, but sandwiches and salads on the menu as well.  We thought pizza was our best bet though since it’s in the name.  We each ordered a small personal size so we could try two kinds – the Big Kahuna on multigrain crust and the Prosciutto Pizza on organic white.

We got our pizzas and they were both fantastic!  The Big Kahuna had crumbled bacon, pineapple chunks, red onion, homemade tomato sauce, and a blend of three cheeses.  It was an upscale version of the typical Hawaiian pizza. 

The Proscuitto one was slightly sweet, with fig jam, goat cheese, arugula, and their signature cheese blend.  While I liked the flavor of both crusts, I think they could have been slightly crispier.   It is clear though that they use high quality ingredients for the toppings. We devoured both of them. 

The only complaint I had about the restaurant was the cleanliness.  While they did clear the tables after each customer left, they just wiped the mess onto the floor.  The ground was littered in straw wrappers and bits of food – which really stood out on the dark wood. 

After we paid, we were offered organic lollipops that we took with us.  I liked the mango flavor – the watermelon tasted more like medicine to me.  We took a walk around the park and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather (although much of it was gated off between the Oktoberfest and a wedding at the Tampa Art Museum).   


While passing Pizza Fusion again on the way back to the car, it was much more crowded – I think we dined between the dinnertime and late night crowds.  It is in a smart location with all the condos downtown.  If I lived above it, I’d dine there regularly.  I’m sure we’ll be back – there were lots of other flavors left to try! 

Pizza Fusion has locations in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio.  The one we dined at tonight is located at 777 N Ashley Dr, Suite C, Tampa, FL 33602 and is open 11am – 9pm Sunday through Wednesday and 11am – 11pm Thursday through Saturday.     

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