Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Dream Kitchen

I have one requirement in our future home – I need it to have a big kitchen with lots of storage.  I love to cook and entertain, so it is my dream to have a huge organized kitchen where I can fit all my gadgets and kitchenware. 

Since I moved here in December (7 months to the day), the kitchen has had a lot of improvements – we painted the ceiling, added extra shelves for spices and a china cabinet for more storage, and put up backsplash. Lance also added a more modern faucet a few years ago and removed the dropped light fixture to make the room feel larger. 

I do love how it has turned out, but there are lots of little things about our kitchen that are a constant frustration to me.  Whoever designed our cabinets obviously didn’t think about functionality – the drawers are all very narrow so barely anything fits in them.  The corner between the sink and the oven is totally impractical – it is impossible to access the space through the tiny cabinet fronts, so you need to crawl under the sink to reach anything you put back there.  And we have no pantry, so all our food needs to be stored in the cabinets, leaving us little space for all other kitchen necessities.  Our current place also lacks room for a dining table, so we either eat at the kitchen counter or on folding TV trays on the sofa. 

Obviously these are all minor issues and our kitchen works fine for us now.  But my Pinterest is getting filled with inspiration for my future dream kitchen:   

Organized pots & pans! (unlike like the chaotic pile under our sink):

What would you include in your dream kitchen?

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