Friday, January 16, 2015

Trader Joe’s Macarons


It seems like dessert trends come and go – for awhile everyone was obsessed with fro-yo, then cupcakes, cake pops, and now macarons.  They’re so light that it’s easy to eat them without feeling too guilty. 

My cousin Chris & his bride Marty had macarons at their wedding along with a gorgeous cake.  Theirs were from Chocolate Pi, the dessert shop at the lower level of the Epicurean Hotel.  (Photo below was taken by Jason Angelini Photography) 

The other day, our neighbor Vimmi gave us 3 boxes of macarons she had bought from Trader Joe’s.  She is allergic to gluten, and unfortunately didn’t see wheat in the ingredients until after she stocked up her freezer.

They come in a pack of 12 – with 6 different flavors in each box.  We got 2 boxes of the normal variety, and one holiday box. 

Since they are to be kept frozen, you just need to let them sit out for a minute or two to let them thaw.  I’m trying to ration them, but it would be really easy to sit down and eat an entire box.  

I wish the holiday box was offered year round – although maybe for my health it’s a good thing that it isn’t.  I especially loved the pear cinnamon flavor – and the chocolate peppermint tasted like a York. 

While the ones at Chocolate Pi are fantastic, they can add up at $2 per macaron.  The Trader Joe’s ones are only $5 per box!  If you’re looking for a sweet treat, go check them out. 

Trader Joe's is located at 3808 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33609 and is open 8am – 9pm every day.  

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