Friday, August 8, 2014

Roux – Coming Soon

Datz has a new restaurant coming very soon called Roux that I’m very excited about.  It will serve its own twist on New Orleans style Creole cuisine and their menu sounds amazing! It’s supposed to open in the next few weeks. 

They had a competition this morning: two guys dressed as crawfish wandered around town, and if you caught a photo of them and uploaded it to Roux’s facebook page, you could win a dinner for 2 at the new restaurant when it opens! 

I was on a mission this morning to find them.  Someone else had uploaded a photo showing them on MacDill Ave right near Roux, so I hopped in my car and headed over there.  By the time I got there, they were nowhere to be found.  I peeked in to Roux and asked where they might be, and they told me to check out Datz since they went to eat breakfast there. 

So, I continued my search and drove down the street to Datz (which would normally be a quick easy drive, but there is a lot of construction on MacDill right now, so I had to take a few detours).   When I got to Datz, I asked if they had seen the crawfish anywhere, and they hadn’t.  I went next door to their bakery, Dough, and asked around there as well.  No luck…

Just when I was walking back to my car, a guy came up telling me he was one of the crawfish!  His costume was in the car so he quickly changed into it with his friend and I snapped a photo with them.  Mission accomplished! 

Roux is located at 4205 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33611 and should be open within this next month!  Check them out!

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