Monday, August 4, 2014

Chile Spiced Mango

I love mangos.  My college roommate, Amy, grew up in South Florida, and her parents had a mango tree in their backyard.  Whenever I visited, they’d send me home with fresh mangos!

Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of dried fruits, one of which is mango.  Last time we shopped there we bought the Chile Spiced Mango.
The dried mango is seasoned (generously) with paprika & cayenne pepper.  I love the mix of sweet and spicy.  However, some slices are so coated that you’ll need to keep a drink nearby to cool down your taste buds. 
I’m not always a fan of spicy foods, but I do really enjoy this one.   It’s not for everyone though – it might have too much of a kick for some people.  And be careful not to eat the whole bag – ¼ cup of it has 21 grams of sugar so it’s not the healthiest snack.  But a nice treat in moderation. 

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