Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I came home from work today & Lance had made us dinner – pierogies with onions & sausage and a salad.  

Pierogies are basically Polish dumplings of dough with filling (ours were potato & cheddar) that are boiled then fried in a pan.  There are apparently a bunch of different spellings (perogi, pierogy, perogy, pierĂ³gi, pyrohy, pirogi, pyrogie, pyrogy), but I’m going with the one on the box. 

I didn’t grow up eating pierogies – Lance grew up right over the border from Pittsburgh where they are a big deal.  Their baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, even has a “Pierogy Race” after the 5th inning of their home games (here’s a video!). That’s like if the Tampa Bay Ray’s had a bunch of people in Cuban sandwich costumes racing at Tropicana Field. 

The ones we had tonight were from the freezer (Mrs. T’s Pierogies brand) but they actually tasted pretty fresh once they were cooked with the onions and turkey sausage.  Glad I was introduced to this dish!

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