Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Burrito Night

Lance had off work today so he was in charge of dinner. He prepared some amazing burrito toppings. By the time I piled mine up with all the ingredients, I could barely wrap it up in the tortilla – it was as stuffed as a Chipotle burrito. 

Something I had never tried before was adding baked potato – which made the burritos even tastier!  He also chopped up some carrots, which gave a nice crunch. 

Here was the recipe we followed tonight: 

·        Potatoes, cut into slices
·        Salt
·        Pepper
·        Olive Oil
1. Rub the potato slices with olive oil, season with spices, and bake in an oven at 400 degrees.  Rotate them every few minutes and take out of oven when cripsy.  

·        Ground beef
·        Black beans
·        Onion, chopped
·        Red Pepper
·        Poultry Seasoning
·        Celery Salt 

2. Cook the above ingredients in a skillet until meat is browned.

·        Flour tortillas
·        Scallions, chopped
·        Carrots, chopped
·        Romaine lettuce
·        Cheddar cheese, shredded
·        Guacamole-Salsa
·        Sour Cream

3.  Pile up your choice on ingredients on the tortillas, wrap, & enjoy!  

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