Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fleming’s Steakhouse – Tampa, FL


We celebrated our St. Patrick’s Day by having dinner with my Grandma Anne.  We usually go out to eat with her once a month or so since she lives here in town. 

She had a gift card for Fleming’s Steakhouse, so we made reservations there.  Her birthday was two days away, so we let them know ahead of time that it was for a special occasion. 

When we arrived at our table, there was a happy birthday card with her name on it and confetti!  They offered us complimentary champagne to toast to her birthday. 


We ordered drinks and they brought us parmesan-garlic bread while we decided what to order.  The bread was served with two different butters – Chardonnay-infused feta spread and roasted tomato butter.  I’d say it’s probably the best bread I’ve ever had at a restaurant – I need to find out their butter recipes!

Since it’s a steakhouse, we all ordered steaks for our meals.  Grandma Anne and I both had the Newport Filet Mignon (a 6 ounce that is served with potatoes), and Lance had the Prime Bone-In Ribeye.  We also ordered a Fleming’s salad, and sides of the Spicy Thai Green Beans and Signature Onion Rings. 

The salad was delicious – with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, tomatoes, onions, and herbed crostini (not that I needed any more bread…) It was split on two plates so we could share easier. 
I’m glad that Grandma and I ordered the smallest steaks, because that size is plenty for me.  They were some of the juiciest and tender steaks I’ve had – I really enjoyed the filet, but Lance likes the fattiness of the ribeye. 

The onion rings were ENORMOUS!  We still had more than half left after the meal since they were so filling.  I’m not always a fan of onion rings because sometimes you take a bite and the whole onion slips out, but these were perfectly cooked and weren’t greasy at all.  I had to eat mine with a knife and fork since they were so thick! 

The green beans and potatoes were also delicious.  The potatoes were made with cream, jalapeños, and cheddar cheese, so they had just a bit of spiciness to them.     

Our waitress let us know that if we were interested in the chocolate lava cake, it took about 20 minutes of preparation ahead of time.  So before we finished our meal, we put an order in for it.  I didn’t even have room for it after all the steak & sides, but we still devoured the whole thing.  I’ve had lava cakes at other restaurants, but this one was by far the best I’ve tried.  The chocolate really oozed out when we cut into it. 

As a birthday gift, Fleming’s gave Grandma Anne a box of chocolate truffles as we were about to head out, along with another gift card for next time. 

My only complaint is that the prices are pretty outrageous.  The sides were all a la carte, so the meal really adds up by the end.  For the price, I still think that Bern’s is by far the best deal in Tampa since not only do you get your steak, but you get soup, salad, and several sides included.  But I’m glad we got to experience Flemings since it really was an incredible meal. 

Fleming’s Steakhouse is located at 4322 W Boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607.  They are open 5pm – 10pm Monday – Thursday, 4:30pm – 11pm Friday & Saturday, and 4:30 – 9pm on Sunday.

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