Wednesday, December 3, 2014

15+ Foodie Gift Ideas

With Turkey Day falling so late this year, there’s only 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas – which means less time to figure out gifts!  We just decorated our place and put up the tree last night, so now it really feels like the holidays. 

I’m all for consumable gifts or experiences rather than just getting more stuff that just takes up space.  With small closets and limited cabinets in our home, I really just don’t have the room for too much else.   

Last year I baked different types of cookies in tins (more of a standard Christmas food gift…) I made Oreo White Chocolate Peppermint, Pretzel Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Graham Cracker Cookie Bars (see links for the recipes).

Here are some other ideas I’ve done in the past:

DIY Hot Chocolate Mix – I attached mini bottles of Kahlua or Bailey’s (from Buzzfeed):

You can also do DIY cookie, brownie, or bread mixes (from Cul De Sac Cool):

I gave my brother “Reinbeer” a few years back (from Life of a Modern Mom):

DIY mulling spice packages to add to cider or wine (from Reading My Tea Leaves):

I gifted homemade vanilla extract to some relatives last year (from Tasty Yummies):

And here are a few that I haven’t tried out yet but would love to!

Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil (from The Clean Dish):

Herb Infused Butter (from The Dabblist):

Homemade Nutella (from So Let’s Hang Out): 

Salty olive oil granola (from Buzzfeed):

Chai Tea mix (from Buzzfeed):

Hot Chocolate Truffles (from Your Cup of Cake):

Cinnamon Honey Butter (from Tidy Mom):

Cranberry Lime Vodka (from Fancy Napkin Blog):

Gifts for your furry friends – homemade dog treats! (From Go Grow Go):

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